• Please read the following information about the Certificate of Inheritance carefully.
    Appointment. Applicants MUST book an appointment prior to coming to the Embassy. Clients with no prior appointments will not be serviced. For booking an appointment please call the following two numbers from 1:00 to 3:00 PM Monday to Friday (0669423921 & 0669302371).
    Visit In-person. The applicant(s) and ALL the witnesses MUST be present at the Embassy on the date and time of the appointment along with the application form and required documents.
    Application Form. Clients should fill the applications in Dari or Pashto carefully. Special attention to names, dates, figures and places are required. Forms can be downloaded here.
    Required Documents and witnesses. Please read the information below carefully and prepare for your appointment accordingly. The following persons and documents MUST be present in the Embassy during your appointment.

  • I). Inheritor(s) (Waris/Warasa): at least ONE inheritor (waris) MUST be present at the Embassy at the time of appointment along with (1) one copy of his/her/their Tazkira or passport and (2) two recent photographs (size: 4x4.5 cm) 
  • II). Assertors (Iqrar Konendagan): THREE adult assertors (Iqrar Konendagan) MUST accompany the Inheritor(s) at the Embassy during the appointment along with (1) one copy of Tazkira or passports of each assertor; and (2) two recent photographs each (size: 4x4.5 cm). 
  • III). Witnesses: Two adult witnesses MUST also accompany the inheritor(s), with their (a) copies of passport (Afghan or Rome), or Tazkira; (2) copies of driver license; (3) two recent photographs (size: 4x4.5 cm).
  • Fee. An applicant should pay 125 Euro for ONE Certificate of Inheritance. All fees must be paid to the Account Number of (______________) at National Bank of Rome. The Embassy does NOT accept cash under any circumstances.

  • Notes: For One Certificate of Inheritance at least SIX adults are required at the Embassy (at least ONE Inheritor + THREE Testifiers + TWO Witnesses)
    Please bring along all necessary documents and photographs at the time of your appointment. The Embassy does not have printing and copying facilities for its clients.


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply please book an appointment by calling the following two numbers from 1:00 to 3:00 PM Monday to Friday (0669423921 & 0669302371)