Welcome to Consular Affairs, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
in Rome, Italy


Details for visitors on how to apply for a visa to Afghanistan

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Birth Certificate

Applicants whom are born outside of Afghanistan and wish to apply for a Birth Certificate through the Embassy

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Marriage Certificate

Information regarding getting Marriage Certificate

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Travel Permit

Afghans who (1) are citizens of Belgium, (2) do NOT possess Afghan Passports and (3) Afghanistan is not indicated as their place of birth/origin in their passports

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Computerized (Machine Readable Passports) for Afghan in Swiss

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Document Validation/Authentatication

Information on how to validate Documents

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Information and Guidelines regarding Inheritance Certificate

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Verification of Tazkira

Information and Guidelines Regarding Verification of Tazkira

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Power of Attorney

All applicants involved in the Power of Attorney application will need to present in person to the Embassy for consultation

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Police Clearance Certificate

Information on how to apply for police clearance

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Transferring Deceased to Afghanistan

Information regarding transferring a deceased Afghan to Afghanistan

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Absentee Tazkira

Information Regarding Getting Absentee Tazkira

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from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

Postal Address

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Via Nomentana, 120 00161 Rome

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