Procurement Opportunities

Procurement opportunities in Afghanistan are widely available year round across a broad spectrum of business and government industries and sectors.

The National Procurement Authority of Afghanistan (NPA), administered under the Administrative Office of the President, is the organisation responsible for advertising, awarding, and administrating procurement opportunities in Afghanistan.

Information on procurement opportunities and tenders are readily available in English, Dari and Pashto at the following website: Please follow the steps accordingly, including the requirement to register in order to either bid for or supply procurement opportunities. 

Useful links and Informations:

 Furthermore, various other government and non-government entities also advertise and administer procurement opportunities for, and in, Afghanistan, including:

Non-Government Organisations:

- United Nations Development Programme:;
- United Nations:
- NATO Support and Procurement Agency:

Independent Tender websites:
  Asia Business News

Various individual Afghan Government Ministries:
- Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock:
- Ministry of Finance:
- Ministry of Communication and Information Technology: