Statement of Ambassador Khaled Ahmad Zekriya at the 168th Session of the FAO Council


On December 1st, H.E. Khaled Ahmad Zekriya, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Rome-Italy, delivered a statement on behalf of the Near East Group at the 168th Session of the FAO Council. 



بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


Thank you, Mr. Chairperson,

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of the Near East Group.

The Near East Group commends the excellent presentation of the CCLM Chairperson, Ms. Alison Storvse, as well as, the efficient work of the CCLM Members, the FAO Legal Counsel, and the Secretariat.

Mr. Chairperson!

The report of the 113th Session of the Committee on “Constitutional Legal Matters”, is brief and focused. 


In endorsing the report, the Near East Group wishes to underline the following points:

- We appreciate the preparation of a “Guidance Note for Members” in providing orientation in relation to the types of FAO products, and the means for their development.

-We welcome the document on “Restoration by the Conference of the Voting Rights of Member Nations” in ar/rears in the payment of their financial contributions to the Organization.

-We appreciate the ongoing and additional consultations by the ICC on the subject-matter, which these discussions address, whether substantive and the practical criteria, that were needed.

-We welcome the principles for FAO’s development of an “internal policy” for “Data Protection and Intellectual Property Rights”.

-We commend the ICC for his continuing efforts and transparent consultations in order finalize the draft “Code of Conduct for Voting”. We hope that consensus will be achieved soon, regarding this “Code of Conduct”.

-We support the ongoing consultation by the ICC on the procedure for appointment of Secretaries of bodies under “Article 14 of the FAO Constitution”, and welcome the holding of a special CCLM meeting to further consider this item.

-We encourage continued support for the activities, “Program of the Development Law Branch” and reiterate the importance of sound legal frameworks and their effective implementation for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

-We take note of the update provided, by the Legal Office on the review of the ‘jurisdictional’ set up of the “UN Common System”, and we look forward to being informed on further developments on this matter.

Mr. Chairperson!

With these comments, the Near East Group endorses the Council’s approval of the Report of the 113th Session of the CCLM.

Thank you.


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